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Please see my CPSC Web Site

Courses I've Taught at UofC

I have made all of the courses I've taught available via the UofC wiki.

Information Systems Security Analysis

  • CPSC 601.29 ISSA, Information Systems Security Analysis, grad course in Fall and Winter 2011, Winter 2014; this course is a guided tour of recent work in systems security, systems security analysis, x86 architecture, and intrusion {detection, prevention, response, analysis, recovery}

Computing Machinery I

Operating Systems

An undergraduate computer science course in operating systems principles

Principles of Computer Security

Network Systems Security


Public Projects and Resources

An Information Security Reading List (work in progress)

U of C's Private Cloud Initiative for studying the behavior and security properties of a real cloud computing environment.

Distributed Web Search Project

libvei, a prototype implementation of a network packet injection framework for programs that wraps libpcap. In particular, this project gave me a chance to write a libpcap tutorial that goes a bit more into depth on features that other tutorials do not.

A Virtual Machine Fingerprinting project

An annotated Security Blog List, collecting the advice of multiple security folk.

A tutorial on the Linux command line: 1K Linux Commands

A wiki page on the Cost of Information Security

A list of nearby venues suitable for Computer Science retreats, workshops, and conferences: Retreat Locations Near Calgary (this is a good resource for potential local chairs)

Survey of Intrusion Defense

Deep Introspection

A list of my favorite Top N Systems Security Problems

Cyber Insurance and Regulation

Will regulating developers reduce the existence of bugs? Probably not, but it sure will close the discipline and drive up costs.

Companies Turn to Cyber Insurance as Hacker Threats Mount

Insurers struggle to get grip on burgeoning cyber risk market

Cyberinsurance: A breach savior for healthcare providers, but read the fine print

With Regulation Looming, It's Time to Raise Bar for Software Quality

[ Should Retailers and Banks Tell You When You've Been hacked]

Public Data Systems / Project Failures

Technology is not magic and will not magically save us or somehow deal with large, complex problems. Yet politicians and the public tend to believe that computerizing a problem will magically solve it. Not so. Here is a list of failures of computer systems projects, mostly in the public sphere, and many of them dealing with Health IT.

Links for Cage


Random langsec-related links

Network Security Links


JI's Internet Routing Course:

browser security handbook:


Overlay Networks


Canadian Cyber Security Links

Random Links

vxheavens archive:

Using meta-data to find Paul Revere:

composition kills:

modern advice for a software design and build process that supports more resilient code:

Big Data


gdb manual:


Domain Specific Languages, Systems, etc. of Potential Security Interest

Cybersecurity Education and Vulns / Bugs

Bugs, bugs bugs bugs bugs...

Pub Venues

Stuff Where I Get Mentioned

Places / links where my work gets a shout-out