Addiction to Fantasy Sporting Leagues

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Group Name:

The Flin Flon Sea Donkeys

Group Members Names:

Kenny Gregor, Brittany Gregor, Dustin Anderson, Steve Reichenbacher


The application of real-time statistics via wireless devices and the internet.

Initial Statement:

Fantasy Sporting Leagues: A look into a growing phenomenon amongst sports fans with respect to its potential social and marketable outcomes.

Fantasy sporting leagues utilize real-time statistics generating detailed analyses of pro athletes in order to market this information to sports fans. Participants pay a fee and select a variety of players in a sport. Based on player statistics accumulated during a season participants selecting the 'best' athletes are awarded prizes.

Using current technology to administer fantasy sporting leagues along with its growing popularity has had an effect on the fan, pro leagues, sport media, and internet gambling legality. Conflict over the rights to statistics has created friction between pro leagues fantasy leagues and sport media. In addition controversy over the effect on fans regarding addiction and internet gambling legality remains.

Is it ethical for pro sports and media to endorse fantasy sports leagues?