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Assistive Technology and UDL for Inclusive Learning Environments - Resources and Tools

The following links contain information and popular assistive technology and educational tools that both instructors and students can use to support education in an inclusive learning environment. If you know a good one and is not here, please feel free to add onto the list.

Hardware and/or Tools

Search engines or browsers

Software and Web Based Applications

* Web based, interactive multimedia voice, slide show, video tool
* Authoring software, including communication, audio and written
* Boardmaker Studio Videos
* text-to-audio in French and English
* Talking Work Processor Video Library
* Link broken
* Interactive program for young adults and children, focused on social situations and how to manage
* How does the Social Express work?
* Visual learning software including concept mapping, mind mapping, graphic organizers, webbing, outlining, plots and graphs
* Visual tool
* Writing tool integrating word prediction, spoken feedback, and speech recognition
* wordQ
* speachQ
* Slideshow tool with audio, visual using own digital photos
* text-to-audio, highlighter, talking and picture dictionaries, vocabulary list
* Features of Read&Write for Google Premium
* Automated proofreader and personal grammar coach
* A free downloadable text-to-speech software

Apps for iPad and iPhones

* Free, ability to create videos that lip sync to audio
* $4.99, creation of books electronically
* Free,focused on engaging and motivating communication and reading
* Free, turns iPad into interactive whiteboard, create video tutorials, add audio
* Free, voice over whiteboard, share online
* $2.99, Screen-casting and interactive whiteboard with annotation, import and export capability, audio
* iTunes U course collection of resources for the educational community - 44 Learning Resources - Free

Apps for Android

* $3.54, Screen-casting and interactive whiteboard with annotation, import and export capability, audio

Websites and Wiki's

* Response to Intervention
* Private provider of speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, and other rehab services in Alberta
* Innovative, school-wide model that increases teacher effectiveness, student engagement, and academic achievement, while preparing students to be leaders in the 21st century
* A resource for classroom teachers that promotes the acquisition of 21st century competencies and skills through open ended creative problem-solving projects, and creating authentic learning experiences
* online leveled books library for k-6
* A wiki provided links to UDL resources
* Literature study guides and testpreps
* Focused on apps for diverse needs, reviews on apps by therapists or special education teachers, as well as trials with individuals with specific needs


Guides and Documents

Concepts or ideas

  • Genius Hour

The idea of Genius Hour comes from Google. Employees at Google are given 20% of their working hours to focus on projects that they have a passion for. The projects do not have to be related to their work. The idea is that when people work on what they are passionate about their productivity increases and great ideas come from following their passion.

  • Mystery Skype

The concept is two classes, anywhere in the world, connect through Skype and try and guess each other’s location through a series of questions. Most Mystery Skype aficionados stick with Yes/No questions. The students must focus on asking questions that will narrow down the search area so that they can guess the other class’s city.