Automated Diversity

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Papers selected for review by P. Jungles

(same as suggested)

  1. Forrest, S., Somayaji, A., Ackley, D.: Building Diverse Computer Systems (
  2. Barrantes, E. S., Forrest,S., A., Ackley, D., Randomized Instruction Set Emulation to Disrupt Binary Code Injection Attacks (
  3. Gaurav, S., Keremytis, A., Prevelakis, V. Countering Code-Injection Attacks with Instruction-Set Randomization (
  4. Shacham, H., Page M., Pfaff, B., Goh, E., Modadugu, N. Boneh, D.: On the Effectiveness of Address-Space Randomization (
  5. Durden T.: Bypassing PaX ASLR protection ( )"