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I see collaboration as both a challenge and a personal mission. Through collaboration unpredictable and even unconceivable can become reality or at least spark the imagination. I have learned that while my own thinking, imagination, and capabilities can help me conceive and implement ideas that I find exciting for one reason or another, sharing my ideas with others who have been imagining and thinking about similar ideas usually leads to great creative experiences.

I recall a long period of collaboration with a colleague as we conceived new ideas and new methods of utilizing the motivating potential inherent to new tasks that utilizes new technologies available in our school. We spent many hours developing, testing with our students and the refining the tasks with great excitement and a strong sense that we were creating something special for our students.

I recall very vividly the very unique experience of collaborating on this and how different it was from creating other tasks by my self.

Much of what WE developed and more importantly the experience it self would not have been possible without this collaboration.