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This site offers both pay and free games and bonus money for the paying games


Money Lost on Online Gambling

Research has shown that even children and young teens are becoming addicted to online gambling. Youth gambling also seems to be increasing. There are gambling sites in which a visitor can “gamble” with limited “fake money.” Note: these games aren’t part of the “real” games. Even though some of these children aren’t betting with real money they are becoming addicted and spending hours on these sites. Once these children reach of age, where they can bet with real money, they will have a pretty big problem. As well, people underage can also participate in “real” gambling, since there’s no way to tell how old the player is online. If someone underage gets a hold of their parents, or anybody else’s, credit card that is proof enough for these many of these casino sites.


If a country does have laws for online gambling it is very difficult to enforce these laws. Why? Online gambling can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Many gambling sites are operated within countries where it is legal or unregulated and almost anybody can access these sites. Since online gambling can be done in the privacy of your own home it would be very difficult for anybody to track these people to punish. Even if they go by whose credit card is being used, they still wouldn’t know if it is that individual that is gambling online.

Problems with Free Online Gambling

Some of these free online gambling sites are funded by parent sites which are gambling sites that play with real money. These free online gambling games are usually easier to win, giving the player more courage to play for money. These free online gambling sites usually have links that direct you to the sites that play with money. So, Even if the person thinks they’ll only play for free, the gambling companies are trying to lure them into the “real” sites.

Advertising Online Gambling

Many would not find it unusual to see an advertisement for online gambling while they are surfing the net. Lately, online gambling ads have been showing up on more mainstream Web sites, such as Yahoo. This makes online gambling more accessible to everyone. Advertising online gambling is also competing for advertising space, taking that space away from other industries.


There are several risks when gambling online. A risk is trusting the site. Some of these sites may not be legitimate. For example, they may fix the games by setting up exactly what comes next, like the next cards being played. Another risk is theft when giving out your credit card number. Even if you don’t bet away all your money, they may max out your credit card anyways.

Pros and Cons of Government Intervention on Online Gambling