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Bold text== Corporate Vision == A BSEN 291 GROUP 5 PROJECT

Our main objective is to research and breakdown every detail regarding the COTT Corporation in order to establish an in-depth analysis.


Cott Corporation (Cott) is a leading beverage company in Canada. The company is primarily engaged in the business of non alcoholic soft drinks. The product portfolio of the company includes carbonated soft drinks, clear and flavored water, juice based products, bottled water, energy drinks and ready to drink teas. These products are marketed under the brand names such as Jarritos, Del Huerto, American Stars, D&G and Suncharm, Ben Shaws, Carters, RC Cola, Red Rain, Red Rooster, Aftershock, Throwdown, Cott and Mr. Fizz. It primarily operates in the US, the UK, Canada and Mexico. Market Structure & Company Competition

Important Note: Don`t correct/ edit main page categories because it will miss file our work and the information will be lost!!!

-Market Structure & Company Competition

--Business Reputation/ history

---Internal Business Operations/Management

----Finances (e.g. Profit)

-----Public Business Reports

------Market Power/ regulations

-------SWOT (e.g. strenghts/weaknesses)

---------company issue 1 - walmart drop

-----------industry issue 1 - recession

------------industry issue 2 - changing consumer tastes

--------------industry issue 2 - diet drinks regulation




Final Report


Members: Carson Rockhill, Nicholas Bjazevic, Carling Lam, Caio Miguel, Michael Sorenson, Stephen Torriero

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