Course TEST001/Session 1: Theory Review

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Journal Article Readings

The readings below serve as the introduction and research samples for the Theory Review topic in distance education. They are two classic journal articles are assigned for you to read.

  • Simonson, Schlosser, & Hanson. (1999). Theory and distance education: a new discussion.
  • Garrison. (2000). Theoretical challenges for distance education in the 21st century.

Additional Article Search

After reading the assigned readings above, use the Resource links on this wiki course homepage to find at least two additional peer-reviewed journal article on the topic of Theory Review in distance education.

Be sure to share your search result with the class by adding your list on the Additional Articles on Theory Review in Discussion Education wiki page.

Focus Paper Writing

Write a focus paper on Theory Review in Distance Education. It is a report for the major findings in the topic area based on the assigned readings as well as two other research articles the class find using the professional resources provided in the Resources section on this wiki course homepage.

After you finish writing the focus page, please post it on your individual Focus Papers on Theory Review in Distance Education wiki page to get ready for peer-review.

Focus Paper Peer-Review

You are supposed to peer-review two focus papers written by other students using the peer review form provided. The reviews serve as immediate feedback for the focus papers. Use the Discussion page for your peer's Focus Papers on Theory Review in Distance Education wiki page to provide your comments on your peers' work.