Current Working Dev Version

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The current development application can be found here:

Pachyderm Dev App

The development team claims the following to be working:

  • Create new presentation
  • Editing presenation information
  • Add screens to presentation:
    • Enlargment
    • Artists in context
    • Artwork
    • Variety of Media
  • Edit and save text in screen editor
  • Move "list items" up and down within the screen editor.
  • Browse and add a link to another screen
  • Deleting presentations
  • Deleting screens in presentations

The development team acknowledges that the following are not working:

  • Editing the screen notes field
  • Publishing a presentation
  • Uploading new assets
  • Asset searching
  • Asset listing
  • Asset editing
  • Lots of pretty UI stuff

If you notice things that do not work which are listed in the "working" list, please add them to the bug tracking system.