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iS2 Feedback

A couple of us had trouble submitting the survey. We preserved our answers, sent them email-style, and ignored the 255 character limit along the way. If you've got stuff to say, please say it here!

1. Yes

2. Other – all of the above

3. Other – all of the above

4. 0%-25% (actually I have no idea what you are talking about here! We can buy stuff with our Campus Card? What is my Campus Card? Do I have one?)

5. HR always pays me on time, which I appreciate.

6. Too many to list here - overall, use the available technology to its best advantage and remove administrative blocks to innovation. We need to be allowed to use the data we create to do our jobs better and give the students a better experience.

7. Remove data silos; use PeopleSoft effectively; train users on Cognos Report Studio or allow them access to a mirror database in order to use their own reporting tools; update data directories; OR configure PS so that we can do it within the program.

8. I would be able to automate a great deal of my job and take out a huge number of unnecessary forms that students must run around campus for approval signatures instead of working on their research. I would stop being embarrassed at the 1960s style of admin

9. Everything, plus a lot of things that do not currently exist because we don't have access to the data. These things MUST come together, they are doomed to fail if implemented in isolation; free data access, ability to use PS effectively, good PS training (current training is not working – it focuses on what the PS people want from us, not what the user wants).

10. FORMS REQUIRING ORIGINAL INK SIGNATURES. Please. This is ridiculous. It’s 2009. Digital signatures should be the norm. Signature bingo is wasting everyone's time. Provide an open PS mirror database starting today to anyone who has signed the confidentiality agreement.

11. 1. Use the available technology effectively - PS is great but the current configuration SUCKS. 2. Allow digital signature of all University "forms" which comes with the Adobe Reader 9 (ie free for everyone). 3. Data Access - no deparment "owns" data

12. The U of C is a BAH organization (Bureaucratic, Authoritarian, Hierarchical) and this is reinforced by the management and union structures. Data protectionism is ignoring the security risk of forcing every administrator to keep their own database. Do I sound apoplectic with rage? It’s all the press releases saying how innovative we are, in comparison to the administrative reality I live with.

13. University-wide edict that digital signatures are acceptable. Give us the data NOW and the training I need - if I'm asking for it, I need it. Help me set up Adobe forms. Stabilize Cognos and/or provide an open mirror database to write my own reports on. Work with me people!

14. I don't want to create my own database (but I will) - I want to use PS as I know it can give me everything I need. It's a star athlete being kept chained up in a dark room on bread and water - it can't perform to its capability under the conditions at the U of C. That’s why employees hate it so much.

--ExecGerbil 15:49, 21 April 2009 (MDT)

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