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General GPA Duties

Acting as the departmental contact means you are asked all kinds of interesting questions and have to go find out the answer. Some things I have been asked, and the answers I have found, are included below:

Exam Booklets

Check with Caroline Van As in the Grad Studies office

Help for Students looking for Housing

Most of the communities in the Northwest of Calgary are nice and safe communities in which to live. The name of the main campus neighbourhood community is University Heights. The name of the Foothills or South Campus community is Parkdale. The attached link will provide you with a map that lists the names of the North west community neighbourhoods; This will be helpful when you use a resource such as the Students' Union off-campus housing list;

Foothills Hospital which is on the South Campus' address is 1403 29 St. NW. The main university address is 2500 University Avenue NW. I hope that helps you somewhat Mahsa with your search. If you have further questions, please let me know. Best of luck with your search. Some students also join the Facebook groups and other students provide their input. The CISSA facebook group is accessible here; Sometimes students help other students find resources through it as well.

Dropping a Course After Fee Payment Deadline

Since you are dropping a course after the fee payment deadline, please complete the Change of Course Registration form to drop and audit a course. Here is a link to the form: Once you complete the form and obtain your supervisor’s and the instructor's signatures on the form, please submit it to the Graduate Program Administrator for further processing.

Getting Financial Help for Students in Need

Unfortunately as the GSA does not deal will fees, we are unable to help with your inquiry regarding a fee deferal. You need to go through the office of the registrar for that, I think the link your Graduate Program Administrator sent you is probably the best place to start.

Having said this, if you are in facing financial difficulties the GSA does have an emergency loan/emergency bursary program and we may be able to offer you some financial aid up to $500. The information and forms for this are avialable at the GSA office (MSC 350) or electronically from our Administrative A€ssistant who you can contact at:

We also have bursaries that graduate students can apply for. The deadline for applications for this term has passed but there will be another round of bursaries given out next term. More information regarding this can be found on the GSA website at:

Counselling at the Foothills Complex

I am pleased to announce that we have added another half-day of counselling, for the remainder of the Fall Term, starting Monday November 3 2008 at the Foothills Complex. Mirjam Knapik, an experienced sessional counsellor with our Counselling Centre, will be on-site on Monday afternoons and will be available for booking sessions at 2pm, 3pm and one late afternoon appointment at 4pm, which hopefully will help out some students to accommodate attending counselling in their class schedule.

Jan Crook, Counsellor, continues to offer confidential counseling services to all registered students at the Foothills Complex on Thursday mornings, for the Fall Semester 08

Counselling Appointments will be in the Office of Student Affairs (Medical Faculty) HSG740. Appointments can be booked with the receptionist by phoning April Gustavsen at 220-4262 or Adele Meyers at 220-4357

Extending a Leave of Absence

If a student requires an extension for a Leave of Absence beyond the year they can submit another form with an explanation and documentation, if possible, and it will need to be approved by the Associate Dean before going to FGS for approval.

Course Timetabling"

Typically, the finalization of the timetable process courses finishes in late Spring so the courses that are being offered in the Fall semester will be up on the PeopleSoft registration system at that time.

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