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MUST apply to graduate or be hit with another term's general fees in order to graduate and convocate.

The listing in the thesis signature page should be EXACTLY THE SAME as it is on your exam notice. Hopefully this makes things nice and easy, as you just need to copy it carefully and you're good to go.

1. On your degree it will say: Little Miss Example Degree of Master of Science (In smaller capital letters) Department of Study: Medical Science

I found some contradictory wording in Section 7.22 of the new (revised 21 July 2008) FGS Handbook of Supervision and Examination: Thesis-based Master’s Programs:

7.22 Student Approval of Designated Area of Specialization The format of the University degree parchment presented to successful candidates shows the degree, the department or area of study, and the approved area of specialization….

The student's specialty will appear on the degree certificate - the specialty data is not entered in PeopleSoft under Student Milestones until FGS receives the Notice of Examination. However, you can ask your GPO to populate it before then by sending a list of student IDs, names, and specialties.

Make sure to include links back to GPA Overview, GPA and FGS

--ExecGerbil 10:24, 26 August 2008 (MDT)