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Supervisory Status for Faculty Members with a Full-time Board Appointment

The GPA of the relevant program request a current CV and prepare a Recommendation for Supervisory Status form on the faculty member's behalf. The Graduate Coordinator will then review the CV and make a recommendation for supervisory status. Once the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies approves, then the form and CV will be sent to the Faculty of Graduate Studies office on main campus. The FGS will notify the faculty member via the GPA office of the status granted. This process takes between 2-3 weeks.

Supervisory Status can be granted at several levels:

  • A - Supervision of Master's students only
  • B - Supervision of Master's students and up to two doctoral students
  • C - Unrestricted supervision

The type of status granted is usually dependent on the type of full-time board appointment the faculty member holds and their previous supervisory experience. If they are new to supervision, a mentor may be assigned.

Faculty members may also apply to upgrade their supervisory status. The Change of Supervisory Category form must be completed

Supervisory Status for Everyone Else

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