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Student Application Process and GPA Responsibilities

MEDICAL SCIENCE SPECIFIC - just a brain dump at the moment --ExecGerbil 13:02, 17 September 2008 (MDT)

1. Application – online through SysApp

2. Identify Supervisor – google research interests (

3. Get GPA calculated by JF based on 2 copies of official transcripts and 2 copies of degree certificates – must be 3.0 or equivalent for FGS, 3.2 for MDSC. Calculate by using last 2 years of credits (add link to GPA calculation document, example of MSExcel GPA calculation sheet). Do not forget to include failed courses in GPA calculation and to include degrees in progress that will be awarded prior to the admission.

I've come across some lack of consistency in the requirements for notarized translations. Some institutions e.g. in China, provide an English translation directly from the university, with the original language documents. In many other countries a prospective student must go to a translator and get a notarized word for word translation. Please note that in this second case, we do not require that the applicant get a stamp of approval from the original university on the translation, or have the translation sent from the university directly to U of C. It is acceptable for the applicant to send the notarized translation to U of C herself, as a supporting document to her application for admission.

From Corey Wilkes, GPO, FGS Feb 25th, 2009

4. Get 2 references with ranking papers not more than 2 years old. If referees not in Alberta, use last 2 pages of online referee report in appropriate download package found at only.

5. Get financial support or waive it. Need Confirmation of Financial Support form signed by applicant, supervisor and FS. There are many funding sources available to graduate students. Before being admitted, all students have to show that they have funding, or state that they are self-supporting. In the case of MDSC, students need to secure a minimum of $17,850 of funding, either through scholarships, securing external funding, or from a supervisor's funding.

The scholarship database is located at:

External funding sources are listed at:

The supervisor usually provides funding from their research program. The Specialization Coordinator may be able to help.

DEADLINES ARE DEAD! --ExecGerbil 12:01, 4 November 2008 (MST)

To all Graduate Coordinators and Administrators

Hello everyone,

Please note that the deadline for FGS to receive recommendations for admissions has been adjusted. Effective immediately, FGS will accept any recommendations for admission of Canadian and Permanent Resident applicants up to the start of the semester of admission. Although international applicants are not included in this category, the critical component is the need for a study permit. If the applicant is international and already has a valid study permit in place, then the admission will be processed by FGS up to the start of term. This will allow programs more opportunity to fill available places and meet targets. The goal here is to increase flexibility in facilitating programs to fill spaces with qualified students. Recognizing that assessment of some international transcripts can be more time consuming, we do still strongly encourage programs to forward admissions to FGS as soon as possible and not to hold for "batch" processing. This is in everyones best interests as we seek to enroll the most qualified students. It is expected that all recommendations for admission will be received in FGS by the 1st of the month of admission however exceptions will be considered if the documentation is complete and an exception memo from the graduate coordinator is included.

If you have any questions please contact Gillian Robinson (

Here is the process involved in submitting admissions to FGS or to Christine Schill:

International admissions go to FGS on main campus

Canadian and US admissions (domestic) go to Christine Schill

When an admission package is complete with all required documentation and a supervisor has been identified:

1. Invite the prospective supervisor to review the admission file

2. At that time discuss whether or not the prospective supervisor would like to supervise the student

3. If yes, supervisor to sign the Confirmation of Financial Support form. If no, inform the applicant that they need to find a supervisor.

4. Obtain the signature of the prospective student on the Confirmation of Financial Support form – can email pdf of form.

5. Prepare the Recommendation for Admission form

6. Invite graduate coordinator (Dr. Smith) to review and approve the admission – she/he to sign the Recommendation for Admission form.

7. If international applicant, photocopy the entire package and send original to GPO in FGS office on main campus before the deadline date indicated on FGS website

English Language Proficiency Policy

Students whose primary language is not English will be required to fulfill the English language proficiency requirement in one of the following ways to be considered for admission:

A minimum TOEFL according to your program's required admission score. A minimum score of 7.0 on the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Successful completion of Level III of the Learning English for Academic Purposes (LEAP) program, if accepted by your program. Waiver - The graduate program may waive the English proficiency-testing requirement in certain circumstances, such as the possession of a baccalaureate degree or its academic equivalent from a recognized institution in which the language of instruction is English.

If a student does not meet the above and the supervisor is insistent that a student be TOEFL exempt, it will be the supervisor’s responsibility to demonstrate the applicant’s verbal and written capabilities in English.

8. If domestic applicant, give entire package to Christine Schill by deadline indicated on FGS website.

Once the student is emailed with an Offer of Admission from either FGS of Christine Schill:

1. Prepare the MDSC admission new student package and email to new student and the prospective supervisor

2. Once the student accepts admission remind them to register on PeopleSoft and submit Confirmation of Registration for First Year student form to you.

3. If international student, obtain copy of study permit upon their arrival, steer them to various resources to obtain: SIN number, apply for banking services, fee payment plan if required, international centre on main campus etc.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Do we call in if not nominating anyone for a scholarship? Not usually - FS – put the call out to the supervisors; if no-one replies, do nothing!

6. FS signs Recommendation for Admission

7. Recommendation for Admission sent to FGS

8. CS sends offer letter on behalf of FGS, asks student to confirm acceptance with JF (phone/email)??? Haven’t received any calls yet

9. JF sends New Student Package to student

10. Student acknowledges receipt by email

11. Student submits:

a. Admission Acceptance to ?JF, ultimately goes to FGS

b. Registration Confirmation for First Year Students to JF, keep copy, send original to FGS

c. Checklist for Lab Personnel to ?JF

d. IT account request and agreement to IT - we have training courses to help new employees get started with computing at the Faculty of Medicine. You can find them on our training Website:

e. Gets U of C portal going – activates registration, must be done annually - in order to register for courses

12. Registration deadline third Friday of the month of program start date. Annual reg on start date anniversary every year. Fees due on reg deadline – if not, get kicked out of a bunch of utilities.

13. Student is on campus – completes Appointment of Supervisor and/or Supervisory Committee Form – within first 3 months, 6 months for Cancer Biology - scan & workflow? Copy and send original to FGS? Who enters in PS?

14. Holds first committee meeting asap, minutes must be signed or email approved and delivered to JF within 7 days of meeting.

15. Attends Research Integrity Day or gets it waived – email to file

16. Attends ??Orientations?


Hello Jane,

Your online application has been entered into the system. It is possible for you to track your documentation via the MyUofC portal: top of page.

On the above website link you will register for an eID number to access the Student Service Centre via the MyUofC portal. Your student ID number is 00000000. Once in the system you can view a “To Do” list that will indicate which documents are missing. As each item arrives, it will be removed from your ‘To Do” list. It is a good way for you to keep track of which documents are still outstanding. When complete, at the bottom of the Student Services Centre you will see a symbol indicating it is complete. At this point, your admission file will be reviewed by your prospective supervisor and depending on his/her decision, the admission will proceed to the next stage.

At this time it appears on the system that your online application fee has not been paid. Please disregard this if you provided your credit card information and did so through the payment link while completing your online application. Your payment will be verified in a few days and I will notify you if your payment was not received.

To be considered for admission starting January 2009, please be aware that the deadline to have ALL your documents submitted is September 15, 2008. There is only 1 item yet to be submitted – a reference form and letter from R. Buchanan. Once this is submitted, I will invite Dr. Mody to come and review your admission file and discuss supervision and funding for your program.

Of course you can email me any time to enquire about the process and/or about your documents. I will be happy to assist you.

Regards and best wishes!


Hi Nurani,

Mr. Majid Momeny has applied to the MDSC graduate program. His ID number is 10030347.

Make sure to include links back to GPA Overview, GPA and FGS

--ExecGerbil 10:21, 26 August 2008 (MDT)