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Students must do an Annual registration each year. They do this online through the MyUofC Student Centre. If they miss the deadline, the online form is locked and they need to submit a paper form found at INSERT LINK HERE.


Registering for Courses MSc students must take 2 courses, PhD students must take 3 courses ?per year?through the course of their whole degree

To enable enrolling in courses, Christine Schill is the person who removes the blocks on level 600 and 700 courses. You should make sure you have the written consent of the instructor, then email her at . There are a couple of exceptions.

MDSC 643.01 is because the priority is for students in the Community Health Sciences graduate program. The course is then open to other graduate students however you should contact the administrator of the Community Health Sciences program, Crystal Elliot, at 220-4288 as soon as possible and ask her if it’s still possible to register for the course or if she can put you on the wait list. MDSC 643.02 is the 2nd part of this course and 643.01 must be completed first.

MDSC 515 is an undergraduate level course. You are permitted to take one 500 level course to fulfill your MDSC program course requirements as long as your supervisor and committee agree to this. I suggest that you start by requesting permission to take this course from the instructor, and then send the instructor’s approval email to Angela Beran. She authorizes undergraduate level courses in the Faculty of Medicine. You can also call her at 210-9750 if you need more info.

Exchange – Dianne McInnes 220-6355 Wants to take a U of T course and receive credit toward his degree for it Letter of Permission stating: Grad level course – must get B or Better Number of credits – one, half, etc. Course description Notice to Records after transcript received She is checking into it Aug 21 2008

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