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Getting Started for GPAs

Here include the hoops one needs to jump through as a new GPA

  • the right people for each eventuality (cross-ref with Visio diagram)

Find out which Graduate Program Officer (GPO) is assigned to your program(s). There is a list here: GPOs by program. Your GPO is a great person to call if you have any questions about paperwork or procedure. They also handle all documents that have to go to FGS from students in your program(s), and will tell you if they are missing or incorrect.

Find out which Graduate Program Coordinator looks after your program(s). This person has signing authority and needs to be in the loop whenever anything even vaguely weird is happening. However, they are your boss in a way, so not the best person to go to with low-level questions (come here for that!)

  • getting access to the right systems

You will need:

  • PeopleSoft - Student Administration module, EDMS, and authorization to pay students
  • your own login and email account for the network your department is on eg. first.last, password
  • the departmental login and email account names and passwords eg. departmentabbreviation, password (ask your manager)
  • your own eID and password to enter myUofC
  • a SecureID fob to access PeopleSoft through the myUofC portal (same eID, different password/000000 from SecureID)
  • the password for your voicemail
  • access to Synapps online application program, departmental login and password any systems that may be unique to your department. If you want other programs, like Cognos Enterprise Reporting or MS Visio, ask IT.


  • new employee information too like parking, lunch links, etc.
  • possible career paths from here

Make sure to include links back to GPA and FGS --ExecGerbil 11:12, 11 August 2008 (MDT)

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