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Graduate Program Overview

"The Big Picture" link to a big Visio diagram that I'm working on.

Important Note: GPAs can be responsible for 3 types of student - Doctoral, Thesis-based Masters, and Course-based Masters.

Depending on your program and the time you start work as a GPA, you will come in at some point on the repeating cycle:

In some programs, these dates are clear and in the same sort of time frame for everyone, eg. only take fall admissions, all thesis proposals due December first, etc.

In others, it's a free-for-all; continuous admission and students do stuff when they're ready, deadline extensions are readily granted, etc.

So until one whole year has passed, a new GPA is going to feel a bit out of their depth. Use all the other GPAs you can find to help you.

Other things you may or may not be responsible for include:

Otherwise, fill in What Who When Where Why How

Make sure to include links back to GPA and FGS

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