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== Possible Names for the Pachyderm Templates ==

View Tom's original document (which includes images of the various templates) here: [1]. Please feel free to add template name ideas to this page, but do not delete other suggestions. To add your own names, click on "Edit text of this page" at the bottom of the page. Put your suggestion under the right template title, with a hash mark (that's a pound sign for you non-programmers) in front of it. Don't forget to click 'Save'!

Artist In Context

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Circle of Contents
  3. Index Circle
  4. Phone Dial
  5. Circle Menu


  1. Center Focus
  2. Middle Image
  3. Media with Text Links

Zoom Screen

  1. Zoom
  2. Zero In
  3. Detail

Variety of Media

  1. Variety of Media
  2. Media Mixture
  3. Media Mix
  4. Media, Text and Links

Onion Skin

  1. Layers
  2. Stack
  3. Five-in-One

Book Viewer

  1. Sequence
  2. Flipbook
  3. Pager

Collaboration Web >

  1. Relations
  2. Relationship
  3. Elements
  4. Common Elements
  5. Togetherness
  6. Six Images

Formal Analysis

  1. Highlight
  2. Highlighter
  3. Zero In
  4. Circle Focus
  5. Hot Spots

Slider Gallery

  1. Roll and Reveal
  2. Sequencer
  3. Multi Stop

Time Line

  1. Timeline


  1. Comparision
  2. Compare
  3. Side by Side

Video Focus

  1. Media Focus
  2. Text and Image
  3. Side-by-Side
  4. No Clue
  5. Media and Text