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The beginnings of a Pachyderm 2.0 development schedule

We need to have a beta deliverable in October of 2004. It was decided on the team leaders call of 5/21/04 that this would be controled release, and the general public would not be invited to use Pachyderm until January of 2005.

Still it is necessary to have a working version of Pachyderm 2.0 in October with some amount of testing. I propose the following loose schedule. As we progress with the design, we will be able to fill in more details.

  • Determine Platform (programming language): June 4th
  • Design Product
    • First draft of Architecture: May 28th
    • First draft of Database Design: June 4th
    • First draft of Interaction Design (APIs): June 11th
    • All design docs out for review: June 25th
    • Design docs approved: July 2nd
  • Code Product
    • First Phase Development: By end of July
      • User account system functional
      • Screen Editor with 1 template functional
      • Asset management allowing direct uploads
    • Second Phase Development: By end of August
      • Screen Editor with 5 more templates functional
      • Admin interface functional
      • User Workspace functional
      • Hooked up to publishing system
    • Third Phase Development: By end of September
      • Screen Editor with all templates functional
      • Catch-up
      • Clean-up
  • Test Product: Done October 22nd

Ok, now that I've typed it, I have to say this is increadably aggressive. Let's discuss feasability ASAP!