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Issues/bugs with the Flash Templates

Artists in Context

  • The top of the template still plainly says 'Artist in Context', when the name of the template is going to change and probably shouldn't be part of the template output in any case.
  • 'The Artist in Context | Artists' link is still in the interface, and shouldn't be.
  • 'Author: ' and 'Owner: ' should not appear on the template.
  • in the exploration links, link 2 shows up on top of link one. They need to be reversed.
  • The bottom of the template frame is blacked out.


  • The link text does not enlarge on roll over (Fixed & uploaded on February 8, 05)
  • Made change to xml file and Artwork template in order to make main image on screen a link to another screen. (Feb. 8, 05)


  • Scroll bar not displaying properly (Fixed & uploaded on February 8, 05)

Variety of Media

  • The thumbnails at the left are not clickable.
  • The link icons are not all displaying.


  • After zooming in and moving the image around, when I zoom out again the image is no longer centered on the page.