Conference Tips for Newbies

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Got any tips for people attending CLA for the first time? Add 'em here.

QUESTION: Hi. I am a first time CLA conference attendee and a recent library school grad. I am wondering about the style of dress at the conference. How formal/professional is it? I don't want to show up in a business suit if everyone is wearing jeans or vice-versa. Thanks for your information.

PROBABLE ANSWER: I've never attended CLA, but here in Calgary we tend to be a little more casual. I have attended ALA and other bigger conferences, and unless you're specifically trying to impress someone I'd advise business casual with an eye towards comfort.

ADDITIONAL TIP: Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. You will be doing lots of walking between venues for various sessions and meetings. Plus, you will probably want to visit some of the other sights in DT Calgary which are within walking distance.