The University of Calgary wiki was decommissioned on February 10, 2018, after providing a collaborative document publishing platform for the university for over 13 years. This is a static copy of the wiki content as of that date, but no further edits are possible.

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Welcome to UCalgary Wiki,
a space for University of Calgary students, staff, and faculty
created by University of Calgary students, staff and faculty.

This is a wiki, to provide collaborative content management in the context of teaching and learning to the University of Calgary community.

This wiki is hosted by the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning as a service to support innovation in teaching and learning at the University of Calgary.

If you have any questions about the wiki (how to use it in your class? how to contribute to it? what on earth is it?) please feel free to email D'Arcy

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Please feel free to use this system for whatever purpose, whether it be teaching and learning, research, or community engagement. We reserve the right to delete pornography, hate speech, spam or other content that violates the University of Calgary's acceptable use policies. We also reserve right to slightly edit pages (change title and add, edit or remove categories) to make this space more user friendly and easier to navigate.
There are currently 7,409 articles and 3,416 users in this wiki.
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Faculty of Education - Cool Teaching Links

This wiki provides a carefully selected, current source of links to subject specific websites of interest to teachers.

Welcome to the Doucette Library of Teaching Resources wiki. Our focus is on providing resources for students, staff, and alumni in the BEd Master of Teaching program at the University of Calgary. This wiki provides a carefully selected, current source of links to subject specific websites of interest to teachers. We encourage all users to contribute material and ideas to help build a dynamic and extensive collection of web resources for teachers and teaching. We hope you enjoy using this resource and look forward to your contributions.

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