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Department of Art - Media and Web art/Game design

Art 311 - Intro to New Media
We will discuss the basic ideas surrounding new media and related art forms. We will look at new media art as it has been practiced over the past decade, and look at the technology and tools of the subject now and for the next decade. Assignments are designed to reinforce the lecture material.

Art 321 - Web Art: Theory and Practice
Examination of the work of Web artists and investigation of the Internet as a vehicle to extend art and design practice. Internet art (often referred to as net art) is a form of digital artwork distributed via the Internet. The term Internet art typically does not refer to art that has been simply digitized and uploaded to be viewable over the Internet. This can be done through a web browser, such as images of paintings uploaded for viewing in an online gallery.[1] Rather, this genre relies intrinsically on the Internet to exist, taking advantage of such aspects as an interactive interface and connectivity to multiple social and economic cultures and micro-cultures. It refers to the Internet as a whole, not only to web-based works. Museum of web art. The Museum of Web Art was founded for the simple reason that excellence and innovation in this new, electronic medium must be made accessible to those who seek it, and displayed in an environment suited to its content.

Art 315 - Computer Programming for Artists
An introduction to computers and programming within the context of artistic practice. Algorithms within the arts domain, and applications, including interactive and dynamic applications, across range of artistic practices including: images, audio, animation, multimedia, web, and installations. Students will develop in-class and take home projects, as well as a final project of their own design. This course, at this time, uses Alice, GameMaker and the Processing language.

Art 503 - Game Design
The game design process will be explored, including a history of video games, genres, game mechanics, design documents, and a summary of the development process. The focus will be on design, rather than development, and the artistic and creative assets, rather than the software. Students will design a game and will create a playable prototype. The principles will be applicable to other sorts of games, and to media art in general.