TI Learning Technologies Student Projects

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In no particular order: (and feel free to add/edit/remove items)

  • Collaboration carts
    • whiteboard software for collaboration carts - is there a better application to use, that could be installed on the ArrivePC (windows 8 embedded) on each cart rather than just using a Chrome tab (with login cookies that expire…)
      • OpenSankore - does it work on the restricted filesystem? does it support collaboration?
      • others?
  • design studio
    • PC - what software should be on it (once IT brings it back from the shop)
    • Mac - what software should be on it?
    • do we need any additional tools/devices?
  • technology lending library
    • Double Robots - how do we get them used more? how to explore how people use them in courses (or just in general)?
  • UCalgaryBlogs
    • Is it working properly? getting occasional reports of users not getting activation emails etc.
    • what plugins/themes can be removed? which ones should be added?
    • how can the documentation/samples be improved?