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What is a wiki?

Page history for 'capitalism' in the Wikipedia, from the IBM Wikipedia History Flow research project
  • wiki is an abbreviation for the Hawaiian word "wiki wiki" - meaning "quick"
  • an open, collaborative website that allows anyone to add and edit pages
  • software that tracks changes, making it easier to repair damage than to cause it
  • an organic encyclopedia of knowledge, such as the wikipedia - which now has over 1 million pages contribute by people around the world
  • typically, uses special "wiki syntax" so you don't need to know HTML to edit content
  • a rich network of links between content
  • a direct descendent of the original hypertext model of the internet (and the early world wide web)

What good is a wiki?

Where can I wiki?

  • - University of Calgary Wiki
  • Wikipedia: the free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit
  • WikiNews: the free news source that you can write!
  • Wikitravel: the free-content travel guide that anyone can edit
  • LISWiki: Library and Information Science Wiki

Wiki Software

  • MediaWiki drives this wiki, as well as the Wikipedia
  • TiddlyWiki is a personal wiki that lives on your hard drive, but can be published as snapshots to the web.
  • WikiSpaces - a free hosted wiki with an intiuitive visual page editor
  • VoodooPad is a personal wiki application that runs on your desktop (MacOSX only)
  • WikityWidget is a personal wiki implemented as Dashboard widget that runs on your desktop (MacOSX only)
  • eLearningCentre in the UK has compiled a list of various wiki software packages