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This is an interesting approach to education via computer. I am interested in finding out more about it it.

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The German Elephant

An elephant at the Calgary zoo

An elephant's most obvious characteristic is the trunk, a much elongated combination of nose and upper lip, which can be used to grab objects such as food. The tip of an elephant's trunk contains pacinian corpuscles. The trunk is a useful and muscular appendage that enables an elephant to reach food in high places and lift obstacle weight up to 1 ton. Elephants also have tusks, large teeth coming out of their upper jaws. Elephant tusks are the major source of ivory, but because of the increased rarity of elephants, hunting and ivory trade is now restricted and in some countries illegal.

There are several types of elephants, one of which is the Asian elephant

Elephants have three premolars and three molars in each quadrant. They erupt in order from front to back, then wear down as the elephant chews its highly fibrous diet. When the last molar has worn out, the elephant typically dies of malnutrition; elephants in captivity can be kept alive longer than that by feeding them preground food. The molars of the African elephant are loxodont, hence the genus name.

Skin diseases often occur, from which they try to protect themselves by taking mud baths, shower one another with water from the trunk, and rolling in dust. The skin can therefore appear brown or reddish, but the natural color is light gray. Their coarse and wrinkled skin is sparsely bristled, and about 1 inch (25 mm) thick. There are also rare white elephants, who often have blue eyes. Otherwise elephants have brown eyes, surrounded by long lashes.

They have large ears that wave for cooling, and a relatively small tail with a brush at its tip.

They are extremly scared of "mice"

Walking at a normal pace an elephant covers about 2 to 4 miles an hour (3 to 6 km/h) but they can reach 24 miles an hour (40 km/h) at full speed.

A cute photo of a ELEPHANT!

If you want to learn to draw an elephant, see How to draw an elephant.

The French Mouse

File:N512881436 199480 2298.JPG
A French Mouse at the Calgary zoo

French people are funny, and generally don't speak English. Trufax.

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