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What is a weblog?

  • a personal content management system
  • a tool to foster and grow collaboration
  • an easy way for individuals (and groups) to publish content without technical knowledge or experience
  • conventional weblogs are hybrids of online journals and magazines - from one person's (or a small group's) perspective

How does it differ from discussion boards?

  • Blogs may have longer posts, with more media. (for instance, raw preliminary data from my MSc thesis)
  • Discussion boards are usually without a unifying direction - low signal:noise ratio
  • Weblogs typically have a specific direction or focus (an individual's perspective and experience), and others are welcome to participate - high signal:noise ratio
  • Weblogs form rich, deeply linked networks between trusted sources (individuals and groups)

Why blog?

What good is a weblog?

Some example weblogs

Where can I get my own weblog?