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Massively Multiuser Weblog Packages

There has been some work on comparing the "single user" weblog packages, but nothing really describing the pros and cons of the weblog packages in terms of a large-scale deployment. Things like enterprise-level blogging, or University or Institutional blogging, with hundreds or thousands of users.

There is a highly detailed overview of about a bajillion CMS packages here.

Here's a nice table comparing the Known Multiuser Weblog Packages:

Multiuser Blog Package Comparison
Feature MovableType 3 WordPress MU b2evolution Drupal Bryght Blosjom Roller ExpressionEngine Plone scoop (Kuro5hin) Manila ELGG Nucleus CMS
cost $1200 US Free Free Free  ? Free Free $149US Free Free $499 US/year (academic) Free Free
Open Source No (but source is customizable) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No (but source is available) Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Support provided Corporate + community Community only Community only Community and third party commercial Corporate + community Community only Community only Corporate + Community Community only Community Corporate + Community Community only Community only
platform perl (php option) php php php php java/Tomcat java/Tomcat php python/zope perl Win/Mac php php
databases BerkeleyDB

MySQL SQL Lite PostgreSQL

MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL filesystem-based (.txt files) MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL Proprietary - Object based MySQL? MySQL
Custom "themes" per-blog per-blog per-blog per-server, per-user and per-blog per-server, per-user and per-blog yes  ?? per-blog (?)  ??  ?? per-blog per-blog (and user configurable) per-blog
LDAP Authentication Maybe (hack) Maybe (hack)  ?? yes yes yes  ?? no Free Add-on  ?? hack yes hack + plugin
Largest known deployment UThink? 10000+ (thousands of users)  ?? mobile phone company in Italy (1000+ users) (200+ users)  ?? Sun Microsystems (1000+ users?)  ??  ?? Kuro5hin (10000+ users?)  ?? N/A (+60 blogs, +500 users)
Pros Nice central admin interface Highly elegant database-driven design


Fairly easy to understand interface, static pages possible, multiple permissions levels Extremely flexible, multiple content types


Same as Drupal + support - - - - - - Free. Very easy to use. Good use of tags and friends (and groups). Customizable themes. Fast, clean, plugin API
Cons LDAP support is an unsupported hack

Licensing can be expensive

Table explosion won't scale Permissions system a little difficult to understand May appear too complicated to new users. No per-blog customization Same as Drupal - - - - - - Beta software. Small user-base. Smaller community