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The Campus Calgary Digital Library will be a multi-departmental building housing parts of the Library, Teaching & Learning Centre, Information Technologies, and Nickle Museum.

From the CCDL Overview page:

The new Campus Calgary Digital Library (CCDL) will begin construction in the fall of this year and it promises to be one of the most visionary concepts anywhere in the world. Building on the great success of the current Information Commons, the CCDL will be an energetic and welcoming facility where students, faculty, staff and members of the community can unite with information and each other – a physical and digital gathering place that supports in many ways the pursuit for understanding, creativity, innovation and knowledge.
The Campus Calgary Digital Library embodies the library of the future where technology and information in all forms converge to better serve the information and learning needs of students, researchers, and members of the community. The CCDL will provide facilities to support the University’s move towards new approaches to teaching and learning and will be a springboard for e-learning across the province.
Fronting onto Swann Mall, the new CCDL will be the “Heart” of the campus where services and spaces from four key units* on campus will be integrated in a centralized, convenient first stop location. The new facility will extend west ward encompassing over 18,000 square metres of new construction and include the complete renovation of the current MacKimmie Complex. Through innovative design solutions, new and old will be joined to create a dynamic and integrated space for students, researchers and members of the community on campus.
In partnership with other public post-secondary institutions in and around Calgary (Alberta College of Art and Design, Athabasca University, Bow Valley College, Mount Royal College, SAIT Polytechnic, Old Sun College, Red Crow Community College, St, Mary’s University College, Nazarene Alliance University College), the CCDL is a first in Canada. It creates an information network that sees the university’s vast electronic library holdings made available to the public for use in business, education and non-profit applications. It makes it possible to create a single library card for all post-secondary students to gain access to the University’s digital holdings.
All post-secondary students, researchers and faculty in the Calgary region will have the same access to print, archival and museum collections as University of Calgary students and faculty.
The Campus Calgary Digital Library provides the foundation for the province-wide Lois Hole Campus Alberta Digital Library. Combined, the projects make Alberta one of the most information-rich jurisdictions in North America.