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'Lecture 13'

Rather than a formal lecture today, we will focus on a Q & A session to help prepare you for the mid-term exam on Thursday.

The objectives of today's class are:

  • House Keeping
    • Reminders:
      • Midterm is next Thursday (you have the whole class).
      • Assignment 1 Due Monday Oct. 29th at Mid-night. Submit by BlackBoard.

  • Topics
    • Example of a Relational Database Design (continued from last class).
    • Assignment 2 Introduction.
    • Midterm Test Q & A -- practice test review; general questions.

Iterative Database Design Exercise (from last class)

We will use the Survey Data Set.

  • We will work in "Teams" for 20 minutes -- then present our results to the group.
  • Each Team is a long table.
  • There are 2 Sub-Teams:
    • White Sub-Team are the Designers
    • Black Sub-Team are the 'Bug Finders' -- Critique design in terms of the Design Goals above.
  • Rapidly work your way through at least 2 iterations.
    • Iteration 1: White Team initial design. Black Team Critique.
    • Iteration 2: White Team re-design. Black Team Re-Critique.
  • Last Part of Class we will have a couple of Teams present their Design.
  • Tuesday I will present a 'Normalized' Design.


  1. Midterm is in regular lecture class -- October 25th, 2p.m.
  2. You have the full 75 minutes.
  3. Format is Multiple Choice (20 questions). (so how many minutes/question???)
  4. Your answers are on "Bubble Sheets" -- make sure to fill out your info completely.
  5. Post-Test we will review answers.
  6. Exams will not be handed back (as per finals) -- but you may make an appt. to view your exam.



  • TIA 4th Edn: Chapter 13, pp 572-578
  • TIA 3rd Edn: Chapter 13, pp 546-552


TIA 3rd Edn: Chapter 11. 462 -- 503

TIA 4th Edn: Chapter 11. pp 484 -- 525


Your Notes

The Wiki (and materials there)

Materials on BlackBoard Course Documents Section