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11 Sept 2012: Introduction

This will be a 1 hour organizational meeting. We will:

  • Introductions
  • Social contract
  • Books to buy or download (for now):
    • Ars Technica "Unmasked"
    • Civil Disobedience, Thoreau
    • Cyberdeterrence and Cyberwar, Martin C. Libicki
  • I will provide digital or photocopies of other book excerpts and articles.
  • Review the course policies
  • Review course structure
    • Read articles
    • Bring points for discussion
    • later class sessions will be in a debate format
    • some guest speakers and videos
  • Assessment
    • blog essays
    • debate performance
    • class participation (blog comments, showing up, etc.)
  • Blog, Wiki, Piazza
    • if you have not received an invite to the course blog, send me your GMail email (or a new one)
    • watch wiki; feel free to participate w/ links and pointers
    • Piazza is mostly for announcements, internal class discussions and things you'd otherwise email me.
  • Discuss Blog Essays Assignments (each week, two students will be responsible (as identified on the schedule above) for writing a brief blog entry essay on a topic of their choosing. All students are responsible for reading and commenting (and engaging with other comments) on these posts.
  • schedule not posted on purpose
  • we will meet in ICT 616
  • ebooks or books (get them if you want them for your own shelf)

Student Action Items

  1. make sure you have a blog account
  2. sign up for Piazza
  3. find a debate team
  4. watch wiki for readings (to be discussed two weeks from now)
  5. watch wiki for essay assignments
  6. show up next week for 2 video lectures

18 Sept 2012: Cyberwar Videos

25 Sept 2012: Ethical Considerations and Definitions


  1. Ethical considerations: a discussion of what ethical principles should guide the studies in this course
    1. discussion of readings
  2. Background on Security
    1. Focus question: What is security? (Wordle)
  3. Defining the term "cyberwar"
    1. Focus question: What is "cyberwar"?

Discussion Questions:

  • What can we legitimately call cyberwar activity?
  • What is a cyberweapon?
  • Convince me that cyberwar is a significant threat.
  • Convince me that cyberwar is likely in the near future.