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Here are some project suggestions for the 625 students.

Tool Building

  • Contribute to the Multics simulator
  • Augment ghex2 (or your favorite hex editor) to automatically group and tag similar or equal groups of bytes and replace the grouping with the tag name. The idea would be to support manual or automatic labeling of a binary file format as you discover the underlying structure and records/fields semantics.
  • 3D grep: build a tool that can "grep" for a collection of 3D shapes on Google Earth

Measurement and Evaluation

  • Undertake a comparative analysis of gdb, IDAPro, and Immunity Debugger. You probably need to construct a "debugging benchmark" to do this the right way.
  • Formulate a "Security Capabilities Maturity Model" framework
  • Security topics visualization

Security Analysis

  • Security analysis of the COMTOR Project
  • Security analysis of an open source project

Vulnerability Analysis

Use ProPolice or PAX-ASLR to identify a vulnerability and then search across the codebase for similar slices of code.