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Welcome to the MGIS 559 Wiki

This page is posted as a resource for current and former students of MGIS 559 (or in previous years OPMA 413). Please feel free to add to the content of the page. This page is meant to serve as resource for programming in VBA and VB.

Book Resources

VBA for Modelers: Developing Decision Support Systems with Microsoft Office Excel by S. Christian Albright. The third edition is now out and deal with Excel 2007. Previous editions deal with Excel 2003 and earlier.

Internet Resources

Programming Source Code Resources

A Huge Resources of Source Code for Many Langages Planet Source Code

VB & VBA Resources

Visual Basic Language Resource at MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) MSDN VBA Language Resource


Ozgrid -- A Great Excel VBA Resource and Help! Ozgrid

Mr.Excel - the names says it all Mr. Excel Home Page

Solid Excel and VBA for Excel Resource Anthony's VBA & Excel Page


Some good sample codes for MS Access Blue Claw Database

Solid and comprehensive Access code and tutorial MS Access DB Development with VBA


This page has a series of links to a variety of decent tutorials (Mostly Word an some are old but the Word 2007 ones are good basic starting points) Learn VBA

Good Starting Point with VBA. (Some solid basic examples of VBA, mostly Excel) Jullian's VBA Examples

Other Excel Resources

The KING of Excel John Walkenbach

Solver Examples.xls Solver Tutorial

Excel Color and FaceId Index Files

Colour Index

Face Ids

Face Ids Zip File

Visual Web Developer

A starting tutorial for Visual Web Developer Visual Web Developer

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