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Cam Welsh's BTM & VBA Resource Page

ER Diagrams

Central Queensland University

Simon Fraser University

Relational Models

James Cook University

Simon Fraser University


SQL Course

SQL Course 2


SQLPlus Tutorial

PL/SQL Trigger Notes

Good Access / SQL-Server Resource

Programming Languages

Programming Language Comparison

SQL-Loader (Oracle)

SQL-Loader FAQ

VBA & VBA for Excel


John Walkenbach

Martin Green's Office Tips

Anthony's VBA & Excel Page

Jullian's VBA Examples

Visual Web Developer

MS Excel

Colour Index

Face Ids

Face Ids Zip File

Flash & Other Website Tools

Flash & Other Website Resources

XHTML & Web Page Resources

Explains it All


W3C Schools

Dreamweaver & ColdFusion

An ASP Resource

Database Management Systems

Database Design Basics

Decent Database Design Basics Article Using Access

Database Design Basics

Relational Database Design

Basic Database Design


Oracle 10g Documentation Library

Oracle Developer Documentation

Oracle Reserved Words

Oracle Developer Suite Notes

MS Access

MS Access 2007

VBA for Access

SQL Server

SQL Server 2005 180 Day Evaluation

SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

SQL Server 2008 Express Edition (MSDN)

SQL Server Notes

Import Access to SQL Server 2005

MS Visual J# 2.0 -- Required for SSMA

MS SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access


Examples.xls Solver Tutorial

Source Code

Planet Source Code

Acknowledgments, Etc.

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