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Excellent! Enjoy the wiki, Aron!

Already am...obviously ;) - Aron


please feel free to use it any way you see fit - the intention is for university-related purposes, but that's a pretty broad definition.

Also, please feel free to spread the word - any students, faculty, staff, community are welcome here.

- D'Arcy

Will do.
- Aron

ls -l /wiki

Aron - I love the shell-style file listing, especially the rw bit. I'll be using that one in presentations, etc... :-) - D'Arcy

hehe. Awesome. -- litui 10:20, 15 Oct 2005 (MDT)
It's now been turned into a fun template which can be accessed by shoving {{.plan}} somewhere on a page. -- litui 10:41, 15 Oct 2005 (MDT)