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Photograph by ryaninc

This is a wiki page for a workshop that will help faculty (and students) to find, use, reuse, cite, embed, mashup, include, extend, and maybe even share free resources that can be legally incorporated into course materials.


Creative Commons

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Creative Commons Logos by

Where to find CC resources

Photograph from Academic Earth via MIT Open CourseWare

Other sources of media

These don't mention licenses specifically, but Fair Dealing should apply to educational use.

How to use CC resources

Even better - make your own!

Photograph by D'Arcy Norman
  • declaring a license on existing works
  • creating new works
    • 50 Ways to tell a Web 2.0 Story - many of these tools allow selection of a copyright license.
    • Animoto - create a video, complete with background audio, for a set of images.
    • Jing - record your computer screen
    • Prezi - create rich, animated presentations
    • 280Slides - great online presentation authoring/sharing

Open Education Resources

Photograph by D'Arcy Norman

What is Open Education?


More awesomesauce