A Teen's Health

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A Teen's Health

If people think that being a teen is all about having fun and partying, they are so wrong. Teens today are plagued by a lot of problems. Herculean tasks (a.k.a. academic assignments and projects) are heaped upon them day by day. They have to make sure that they get along well with the other persons in their school, for the fear of being branded as a social outcast. They have to keep their energy high so that they will be able to party when the chance presents itself. They have to balance their time between their academic responsibilities, family, friends, and extra-curricular activities. With all these things on their plate, it's not that hard to get sick.

Teenagers are known to be experimental. They try a lot of things and take risks, most of the time not really caring if they will indeed be able to handle it well. They get themselves involved in activities that may be detrimental for their health. All for the sake of a little adventure and happiness, they say. This is probably part of what makes teens hooked on heroin and other drugs. A little curiosity plus problems that they are having a hard time dealing with and you've got a teen willing to try anything for the sake of momentary escape from the rough life that they have to live.

Getting hooked on drugs can be avoided though. Drugs can only do much damage to a teen's body and cause them to be susceptible to all kinds of sickness. Teens only have to choose the right kind of friends, be confident in themselves, and keep a positive outlook on life. Engaging in wholesome activities such as sports and music can also help them keep busy and stay happy-- and healthy in the long run.