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What about portal communities. You don't mention them. Does Calgary use portals? And tell me about your very open policy with your wiki. Do you have somebody who watches every page so that you don't get inappropriate edits? Did you consider a closed wiki to avoid the nuisance of doing that? Sass 14:36, 5 December 2005 (MST)

D'Arcy will follow...

...with more details I'm sure, but yes, there is a portal on campus -, but it seems to be just a place for students and staff to access campus information with a single signon. Definately a Good Thing, but I'm not sure how useful it is for collaboration.

As for the wiki, there is an RSS feed for recent changes, and a few of us keep an eye on that to remove innapropriate content - so far the user community has done a pretty decent job of cleaning out the crud in a timely fashion. D'Arcy had originally set it up so that only users could post, but for a project I was doing I asked if he could back that off to allow anonymous posts as a way to encourage newbies who might feel self-conscious about adding content. Didn't really make a difference to my project and I'm sure he's considered tightening things up again, but as the subject says, we'll let him fill in the details :-)  :ppival 14:55, 5 December 2005 (MST)

Open is Good™

Initally, this wiki was wide open. Spammers descended, and I tried to restrict it to login-only edits, but that was non-optimal (people either didn't feel like creating accounts, or were intimidated by the process...)

A completely open wiki is ideal, but there are a couple of us that monitor the RSS feed to see what goes in. The only things I have removed have been spam. The acceptable use policy that is part of the University of Calgary network usage agreement would apply to all Faculty, students and staff, so there is no need to have a redundant policy for the wiki.

Basically, it's wide open, as long as you're not a spammer, and as long as you stay within the bounds of general U of C policies.

Update: Hah! I just realized that the original question has had 2 responses within 30 minutes of it being posted. Not bad for response times...

- D'Arcy