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All Arts


  • Information about arts-centred education, art-integrated lessons plans, and multimedia resources (video, music etc) from the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Includes all arts.

Visual Arts

National Art Education Association

  • A lesson-plan gallery (requires free registration) and research and publications about art education.

A Folio of Astonishing Drawings by Children

  • Bob Steele, UBC Professor Emeritus discusses, and shows, the aesthetic energy and strong communication value of children's drawings.

NGA kids

  • Interactive art that you can make online for kids. Brought to you by the National Gallery of Art in the United States.

The National Gallery (UK)

  • A couple of interesting resources from the National Gallery in Britain are "Zoomable pix" (allowing the viewer to see the hidden details in some of the Gallery's paintings) and "Teachers Notes" (tips on using paintings in the classroom, with downloadable guides to specific pictures). Their Noisy Paintings are also great fun - adding sound effects to a painting might be a way to help students envision how paintings tell stories.


  • A free, Creative Commons textbook on art history. Access by artists, time periods, styles and themes.


Arts Alive: Music

  • Resources from the National Arts Centre in Ottawa include "Instrument Lab," where you see and listen to all the instruments that make up the National Arts Centre Orchestra, activities and games related to four major composers, and other games including "Name the instrument," "Name the Composer," and "Compose Music."

Sheet Music from Canada's Past

  • Digitized copies of a thousand pieces of early Canadian sheet music, published before 1918, including a wide variety of patriotic and parlour songs, piano pieces, sacred music, etc. Probably of peripheral interest for a music program, but with interdisciplinary possibilities for Social Studies connections.


The Generic Radio Workshop

  • 161 vintage radio scripts from the golden age of radio drama. They've just started to sell real vintage radio performances that can be downloaded through iTunes, or you can listen free to ten radio drama performances by the generic radio workshop group.

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