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Group Projects

Reminder: Final Exam

Monday December 17th, 12 -- 2p.m. at KN Red*

  • Get there early
  • have your id card with you

Note -- I'll go over a study sheet during the last half of our final class together, December 6th

Group Project Presentation Schedule

Tuesday November 27th (T26/T27)

  1. The Net Pirates: Peer to Peer File Sharing: What's the Catch?
  2. Gambling Ninjas: Which Games are Playing You?
  3. Fingaloops: Phishing for Trouble
  4. Team McLovin: Torrents – Downloading of today!
  5. The Big 5: P2P Networking – Intellectual Property Theft
  6. MALT CRAKK!: Facebook – The Unknown Face
  7. Peanut Butter Jelly: Popper Uppers
  8. The No Shows: Dr.
  9. The B-Sharps: iTunes: Changing the Tune of Music

Thursday November 29th (T23/T24)

  1. Public Secrets
  2. Love At First Site
  3. eBay: The Future of the Black Market
  4. Are you going to buy that shirt without even trying it on??
  5. Gaming: The highly addictive drug
  6. Copyrighting: Are you a repeat Offender?
  7. WoW ... I have no life?
  8. It's myspace, not yours!
  9. How Secure is your Bank Account? A look at Internet Banking Security?
  10. Facebookers Anonymous

Tuesday December 4th (T22/T28)

  1. Decoded: Getting through with a bad connection
  2. ProjectByte: Wireless Networks: Secure or Unsecure
  3. Social Butterfly: Social Networking or Stalking?
  4. Speed Scientists: Bits and Bytes
  5. 5IVE: The Truth Behind the Online Shopaholic
  6. The Mile High Club: Travel at the Click of Your Mouse
  7. Cyber Spies: I Spy Spyware
  8. Team Purple: Online Console Gaming
  9. Madonna: We're living in a virtual world, and I'm a virtual girl
  10. The Jams: Wiki-awareness.

Thursday December 6th (T25)

  1. Case # 845203-EZ: The Evolution of Instant Messaging
  2. Internet Plagarism
  3. Craigslist: Making Jobs Obsolete
  4. One Site Stardom
  5. What's the Hype with Skype