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You can look at term projects from past semesters to gain ideas as to what projects have gone on before. You SHOULD NOT repeat a theme from a past project. All the material you develop must be original, rather than sampled from past projects. If in doubt, check the U of C's honesty policy: and check with your TA.

Landmarks: (The dates by which you should have things done)

January 21st  : Teams and Title.

February 4th : Initial Project Statement

February 25th  : Information Review (at least 10 web/library references per team member).

March 10th : Argument (an outline of the logic of your argument)

March 24th : Web Presentation

April 7th (approximately): In Class Oral Presentation Session in this week

Marking Scheme

Initial Problem Statement: 20

Information Review: 20

Argument: 20

Web Presentation: 20

Oral Presentation: 20

TOTAL: 100