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Contact Info: farbab [AT] ucalgary [DOT] ca

CT hours: MW 7:00 - 8:00 pm MS 237

Your instructor is James Tam and we are T13.

Lab Samples:

Click here and find each session's relevant file.

Take Home Assignments


Here is the link to THA1, Deadline OCT 27th, 10 pm.

Name your file: Assign1_LastName_FirstName_StudentID.xls

Send your files to me, CC yourself, BCC Dr Tam.


Here is the link to THA2, Deadline Nov 24th, 10 pm.

Name your file: Assign2_LastName_FirstName_StudentID.(mdb or accdb)

Send your files to me, CC yourself, BCC Dr Tam.

Term Project

Find your group number, members and reporting page HeRe!

Find some hints about editing your page on Wikipedia:How to edit a page, Wikipedia:Cheatsheet and Organic Design.

Find your presentation schedule here. You will have only 6 minutes to sum up everything including plugging in your laptop/flash memory/any other presenting facilities you might need. Check these beforehand, you can go up to the lecturer place for these kind of checking after Dr Tam's lecture while he is still in the lecture hall. No extra time is guaranteed for you if you loose time on setting up your files on the presentation day.

You need to send me your presentation file, perhaps .ppt or any other files you plan to use in your presentation, before Nov 26th 4:00pm! You have been doing well so far, work hard on these lasting steps... (GoOD LuCk)