MGIS 465 Group5

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1. Still seems fairly US-centric (in the sense of not allowing international employees to view and edit collaborative projects on their own time).

2. Still trying to "deliver information" about the use/functionality of collaborative tools/environments, rather than collaborating on the tool development itself.


1. The ability to record an online collaboration "event" and then replay, rewind, and verbally annotate it - with identification of who has made the annotation.

2. A shared whiteboard that each participant can add to or edit (identifying who made what changes) and can also save local, personal copies with the ability to retain the whiteboard and access it when in the next meeting

3. A function to highlight a particular object and designate it as an "Action Item" then assign a participant responsibility for that item, record additional info about how it is to be managed - deadline, review date, generation of "reminders", additional resources, hyperlinks to other objects in the same or different "meetings", etc