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What challenges are Applied Materials facing?

-Geographic problems: making sure that people are able to collaborate at the same time.

-For instance Applied Materials having to get their Indian employees to go into work at 9pm to work with the American employees.

-Communicating effectively: fostering a culture that communicates effectively

-ESL employees who wouldn't understand colloquialisms and jargon from English speaking employees.
-Japanese employees not speaking their minds because the idea is foreign to them and their traditional style.

-Change management:

-With the hedge fund Wiki they had to have a champion who would encourage employees to take part in the project.
-Kraft Foods: Training people to work in the new environment

One of the bigger problems with Wiki is not knowing if someone is editing at the same time you are.



-Management Levels

-Minimize Replication/Repetition

-Encourage Creativity

-Easier knowledge transfer