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Matthew Broderick Christopher Walken Mooney

Matthew Broderick Christopher Walken Mooney

Matthew laying the wood for one of his 4 tackles on the season

Matthew Broderick Christopher Walken Mooney (born June 7, 1990 in Calgary, Alberta) is a Canadian Football defensive back for the Chilliwack Huskers. Matthew is considered a four star JUCO recruit and has been recruited by teams such as the Florida Gators, Akron Zips and Grambling State Tigers.

Sack Controversy

On May 1rst 2009, the quarterback for the Nanaimo Clippers dropped back and tripped on himself. Taking advantage of this, Matthew B.C.W. Mooney, dove towards the quarterback and touched him with one hand thus completing the sack. After the game a certain women of 65 years of age approached Matthew B.C.W. Mooney and promptly kissed him with an open mouth. When the NCAA heard of this, it opened an investigation for illegal booster operation. The investigation is currently ongoing.