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CPSC 203 Fall 2007 Session Term Projects

Tech Issues Topics

TA: Shang Gao

[T22 Group 1] /Getting through with a bad connection

[T22 Group 2] /Wireless Networks: Secure or Unsecure

[T22 Group 3] /Social Networking or Stalking?

[T22 Group 4] /Bits and Bytes

[T22 Group 5] /The Truth Behind The Online Shopaholic

TA: Mina Askari

[T23 Group 1] /Love At First Site

[T23 Group 2] /Gaming: The highly addictive drug

[T23 Group 3] /Buy that shirt... with one click!

[T23 Group 4] /eBay: The Future of the Black Market

[T23 Group 5] /Public Secrets

[T24 Group 1] /WoW...I have no life!?

[T24 Group 2] /It's myspace, not yours!

[T24 Group 3] /How Secure is Your Bank Account? A Look at Internet Banking Security

[T24 Group 4] /Copyrighting: Are You a Repeat Offender?

[T24 Group 5] /Facebookers Anonymous

TA: Md. Maruf Monwar

[T25 Group 1] /Case# 845203-EZ: The Evolution of Instant Messaging

[T25 Group 2] /Internet Plagiarism

[T25 Group 3] /Craigslist: Making Jobs Obsolete

[T25 Group 4] /One Site Stardom

[T25 Group 5] /What's the Hype With Skype?

TA: Mahmudul Hasan

[T26 Group 1] /Peer to Peer File Sharing: What's The Catch?

[T26 Group 2] /Which Games Are Playing You?

[T26 Group 3] /Phishing for Trouble

[T26 Group 4] /Torrents: Downloading of today!

[T26 Group 5] /P2P Networking: Intellectual Property Theft

[T27 Group 1] /Facebook: The Unknown Face

[T27 Group 2] /Popper Uppers

[T27 Group 3] /Dr.

[T27 Group 4] /iTunes: Changing the Tune of Music

TA: Shang Gao

[T28 Group 1] /Travel at the Click of Your Mouse

[T28 Group 2] /I Spy Spyware

[T28 Group 3] /Online Console Gaming

[T28 Group 4] /We're living in a virtual world, and I'm a virtual girl

[T28 Group 5] /Wiki-awareness