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Please note that this page WAS used for CPSC 203 Winter 09 and previous semesters. For the updated schedule and assignments for FALL 09, please use this link

Labs Template

Four three week modules

  1. Problem Solving with Spreadsheet
  2. Problem Solving with Database
  3. General Problem Solving
  4. Design in Problem Solving

At the end of each module there will be an in-class quiz. Modules 1-3 will have a Lab Quiz, where students must complete a series of tasks during the scheduled tutorial period. The final module will have a group collaborative project whose final outcome is a system design developed over two tutorial sessions.

There will be 3 Take Home Assignments -- one on Spreadsheets, and one on Databases.

There will be a term project, focussed on relating technology and issues, and tied to using Wikis to develop a topical website.

CPSC 203 Lab and CT Hour Schedule

/CPSC203 Winter 2009 Lab and CT Hour Schedule

Lab Resources

The following software is available on the lab computers:

Officeware: MSOffice, OpenOffice

Analysis: R

Databases: Sqlite

Programming: Python, Jes

  • TA's -- Try and incorporate these resources into lab tutorial sessions

CPSC 203 Lab Important Dates and Materials Covered during that Lab


Material for the following lab modules can be found using the following links:

  • Starting Jan 19 2009
/Week 1 - Lab 1: Introduction to Spreadsheets and Basic Calculations (revision)
/Week 1 - Lab 2: Complex Calculations, If-Then Statements, and Pivot Tables
  • Starting Jan 26 2009
/Week 2 - Lab 1: Charts and Visual Design Rules
/Week 2 - Lab 2: Spreadsheet Design Rules
  • Starting Feb 02 2009
/Week 3 - Lab 1: Analysis and Forecasting
/Week 3 - Lab 2: Lab Quiz 1 on Spreadsheets

Old Material (temporarily included for references purposes only)


Material for the following lab modules can be found using the following links:

  • Starting Feb 09 2009
/ Week 1 - Lab 1: Intro to Databases (quick): Basic Parts of a Database
/ Week 1 - Lab 2: Fields, Keys, Simple Queries (single table)Intro to Assignment 1
  • Starting Feb 23 2009
/ Week 2 - Lab 2: Multi-table queries, Aggregate Qureies
/ Week 3 - Lab 1: Crosstab queries and Custom Calculations
  • Starting Mar 02 2009
/ Week 3 - Lab 2: Query Analysis Examples (including some textual analysis). Review for Assignment 2

Problem Solving

Material for the following lab modules can be found using the following links:

  • Starting Mar 09 2009
/Week 1 - Lab 1: Lab Quiz 2 on Databases
Week 1 - Lab 2: Introduction to JES, variables and constants
/Jython and JES Tips
  • Starting Mar 16 2009
Week 2 - Lab 1: Loops and conditions
Week 2 - Lab 2: Functions
  • Starting Mar 23 2009
Week 3 - Lab 1: Programming review
Week 1 - Lab 1: Lab Quiz 3 on Problem Solving

Design Skills

Material for the following lab modules can be found using the following links:

  • Starting Mar 30 2009
Week 1 - Lab 2: Defining the problem: Use case diagrams
Week 2 - Lab 1: Use cases: Use case descriptions
  • Starting Apr 06 2009
Week 2 - Lab 2: Planning: Comprehensive example including UI (form and report), excluding ER diagram
Week 3 - Lab 1: Prototyping: A simpler, comprehensive example including ER diagram
  • Starting Apr 13 2009
Lab Quiz 4 (Part 1): Go to the Start
Lab Quiz 4 submission

Take Home Assignments and Final Project

TA Examples

The following links are examples to be used by Students and TAs for Lab Quizzes and Assignments.

Advanced Examples

The following links are examples of more advanced material to deepen concepts covered in lectures and labs


If you the student are not familiar with the Office 2007 suite of software, it will be your responsibility to become more familiar with its applications and features. Take advantage of the Fluency textbook, as it provides you with more information and guides you through the Office 2007 applications.

Also, if you are not familiar with using the Windows Operating System, please refer to the Fluency textbook.

Wiki Tutorial

It's your responsibility (as students) to go through the following Wiki tutorial, and complete the getting started exercise:

Basic Formatting:

More Detailed Wiki Introductions: IntroToWikis

Other Resources for Wikistas:

Use the SandBox - to try out new things in this wiki without risking any damage.

Tips for Success in Tutorials and on Lab Quizzes

  1. Before each tutorial, read the online lab notes for that tutorial.
  2. In tutorial ask questions, use the time to practice the skills beginning with a blank file. Take notes from the TA's mini-lecture, and use them to augment the online lab notes.
  3. After tutorial, review example files from online lab notes and TA examples. Do you understand the examples thoroughly. Answer questions in the TA examples
  4. At home, or during CT hours, practice by making up your own examples. If you think your example would help others, please post it to Student Examples above.
  5. A week before the Lab Quiz, review the skills list for that Lab Quiz, and practice those skills beginning with a blank file. The skills lists are on the Week 3 - Lab 2 link for each module, and also at: [Skills List]
  6. On the day of the Lab Quiz, arrive early, with any notes in hand, ready to write the Lab Quiz. If you've diligently followed the tips above, relax, you are well prepared and ready. Good luck!.

TAs Deadlines

  • TAs must submit the quiz grades the following week on Tuesday
  • TAs must submit the assignment grades within 10 days following the deadline of the assignment

Academic Misconduct Links

The following links are to inform you of the Universities Academic Misconduct Policies, and provide guidance so you do not commit Academic Misconduct in the course of completing assignments:

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